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Welcome on this website diddicated to colors

Let's enjoy together their beauty and effect in our lives

Each color has a meaning that relates to human and psychological characteristic and can convey profound messages to those who use them.



Shining Stars

About the artist

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L'OR is a Canadian artist fearless of being uunique. Her entire career has been dedicated to researching the holographic effect of layering colors. She is aware that the eye visualizes and the mind interprets color.Her work reconciles both the eye and the mind.

International exhibits have won her 24 prizes.

She combines her two passions: visual and intuitive art

Here, she shares her perspective.Let it enlighten yours.

All images and photos on this website are protected by the law on Copyrights

Shining Stars

All images and photos on this website are protected by the law on Copyrights

Shining Stars

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Shining Stars
Shining Stars

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copyrights L'OR

copyrights L'OR

Here is my view on this

No one is indifferent to color. There are colors that make us vibrate more than others. Every day one or more colors influence our state of mind and spirit.

Every day a color will influence the way we dress and it becomes the mirror of our state of mind and receptivity to others.

Colors play a very important role in our environment and so we choose them with a lot of intention when we talk about home decoration for example.

Each color influences our impulse towards an object or a person. Colors are part of the equation allowing us to define our personality.

Looking at them brings an inner peace but at the same time your eye will go very fast to find the ones that match you and make you vibrate

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The choice of colors for a bouquet reveals your intentions more then you think. Here is bouquet of white and pale pink roses that I made for a special occasion.

The choice of colors creates a very special decor for guests, love ones, your friends or even youself. Did you know that white roses mean purity of intention and is also a symbol of rebirth?

The pale pink color, means courage and strength. If you add to that a darker shade of pink like fushia, then your implying a very compasionnate person. This kind of person gives their energy to others. This person attracts love and calmness. Fushia reveals the possession of a very positive mind. All the more reason to look for romance with such a person. Add a fire place, a nice diner, a bottle of wine for an evening, if not life, full of romance

Bling Bling !

It is impossible to resist the beauty of what shines! We are all attracted by what shines, whether the sun, gold, crystal, or a diamond. All have something that we can associate an event and an aspect of our personality.

They are an aid used to increase our inner strength, synchronizing our healing efforts on the path of spiritual evolution. Let’s focus on diamonds. There are many possibilities to associate with this transparent and intriguing gem! Be certain what virtues you are seeking for this stone to have the desired effect on you.

Diamonds that project all the colors of the rainbow have many virtues! Such beauty! Of which we never tire. Who hasn't plunged into the mysterious depths of a diamond? Did you know that the reflection of a diamond inspires transformation? So many colors explode from this stone, reflecting all facets of our personality. People who embrace this stone and related colors are very articulate, proud, and self actualized.

Applying this color to different objects in your environment would reveal that you are very dynamic and diverse. This stone enables transforming your energy to overcome certain obstacles.

All that you must do is to find the ideal place for this stone in your environment. Why not on you?

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If joy was a color, it would definitely be orange!

The color orange breathes well-being, happiness. We feel happy when we look at it or when it is in our environment. If this color suits you, wear it and observe your attitude. It is funny to see that the self-confidence is there! Who hasn't wanted to take an orange in their hands and smell it. It feels good instantly, it's soothing.

This color illuminates and changes the energy when used in our environment. With this color, we find our balance and its action on our mind also affects our perceptions. For the intuitive, the color orange helps to keep your balance which has the effect of amplifying your perceptions. For those who love Tarot or oracle cards, knowing a little more about colors will be an asset. You will be able to bring to your readings more precision on the feelings, attitudes, and possibilities of your consultants.

Selective Focus Photography of Orange Petaled Flowers

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We associate orange with openness, good humor, and communication. Perhaps you should wear something orange if you are going to a date night! It is interesting to know what colors convey messages. Watch, pay attention, and you'll know what kind of person you are around.

Without a doubt, orange is a color that is said to be dynamic, it could very well be the color that spices up your decor! Whether at work or at home, consider this color in your decor and you will quickly see the benefits.

For fall lovers, orange is part of this great celebration of nature. All these shades of orange from pale to dark nourish our eyes and our souls. How can you resist it?

Don't forget to add an orange flower in a bouquet and you will see how much this color influences the whole bouquet.

Discover the benefits of this color in your life, today!


Who hasn’t wanted at some point to immerse themselves in turquoise. whether it is the

color of the sea, a sweater or home décor.

The reason is you feel surrounded by the joy and peace it brings.

Close your eyes and imagine your body immersed in the turquoise water of the Caribbean. How Joyful!

Turquoise allows you to vibrate at a higher level. Therefore, your mind and body feel lighter and free of any stress.

If you are facing some difficulties, and it seems that you could use some help to resolve them, close your eyes and visualise the turquoise sea. You will be able to rise above the situation. No longer will you be in this intense emotional state, but rather have a sense of being in control.

Turquoise is also the color of Sandalphon , recognised as the Archangel of musicians and music teachers. This Archangel can help you heal after something very dramatic and painful. Don’t hesitate to ask him for his help. He will listen and bring your prayers and wishes to the Divine so you can be heard and receive an answer. Sandalphon is the tallest of Archangels. His feet touch the ground while his head is in heaven.

Don’t hesitate to ask Sandalphon anything! Turquoise can also be connected with the throat chakra, helping you with your communication.


Summer is always associated with the warmth of the yellow sun. Yellow then as a result, Is considered a dynamic color that brings life and movement. We see yellow and sense the warmth of the sun and our mental and physical spirits are lifted.

Yellow heightens our need to create and the will to take on new projects. This color moves us to want fulfillment of our passions and a life full of happiness. A discovered yellow feather is your guide’s invitation to have confidence in what will come to be. The light of a yellow candle is more than a flicker, it ablaze with confidence and creativity. The light of a yellow candle bestows mental clarity, business opportunities, self esteem and improves memory and concentration. Who would not want to receive a bouquet of these yellow flowers.

Jophiel, the archangel of wisdom, beauty and positivism, associated by some with the color fuchsia pink, is also associated with yellow, the color of enlightenment and self-confidence.


Copper, the color of the 10th wedding anniversary! This mystical hue is reminiscent of antiquity. It inspires positive energy and strength. It projects a luminosity that draws us to it and defines its majestic difference.

Amongst the archangels, Gabriel is represented by this color. He is there to help us with our self-confidence, ease our doubts and bring our projects to fruition. He's there to show us the path of benevolence and truth. Thanks to him, we learn how to develop our motivation and communication with others. He delivers to us messages in our dreams.

Why not add the color copper to your decor, givingit elegance and chic?

People with red hair exude the sensitive strength of copper and are great mediators. As if copper is the compromise between gold and silver, what do you think?

Moreover, copper has many positive health effects.Adorning a copper bracelet will enable your body to absorb the right amount it needs to relieve you of some of your bone pain.. (Ask your health care professional for more information. )

Green clover leaf. Four-leaf clover. Watercolor illustration
Green clover leaf. Four-leaf clover. Watercolor illustration


A color associate with hope, green influences many aspects of our personality; from communication to healing, dynamism to calm and from youth to immortality. So many facets that human beings strive to balance and integrate throughout their lives.

Personally, green is the color that transports me to spring, the season when everything comes back to life with fervor, creating the perfect moment to feel life within you, confirming year after year the fertility of our earth and our existence.

Green returns us to the notion of energy in all its forms, and without this color, so crucial to our equilibrium, would we aware of all the energetic force that surrounds and inhabits within us?

Some people interested in numerology assert that green is linked to the number 3, both being associated to communication and creativity.

Maybe you can ascertain whether your friends like green, and if so. conclude that they are probably more optimistic than others.

In conclusion, I would like to add that this color brings most people to think about money and growth. You may want to analyse your personality and life to see how this color influences your daily life.

Green clover leaf. Four-leaf clover. Watercolor illustration
Green clover leaf. Four-leaf clover. Watercolor illustration
Green clover leaf. Four-leaf clover. Watercolor illustration

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An affinity for the color blue means; truth, wisdom, happyness and calm. If you are attracted by this color you have a hunger for knowledge and a need to feel safe and protected. Blue is associated with the Archangel Michael.

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Copyrights L'OR

Who doesn't want to go for a walk in nature in autumn and breathe and smell the leaves, enjoy the flamboyant colors changing every day.

We want to be united with the beauty of nature.

Moreover, the brown colors are helpful and call for introspection and suggest the desire to anchor oneself. These colors promote new growth. Anticipating winter, what better way to bring our energy to rise up in order to propel us in our creativity and goals.

green plant

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Sandalphon is there for you


All videos are made by L'OR


Spring forest  background

In the next section you are going to discover L'OR 's Art. All paintings are for sale. Prices are listed, but take note that the buyer assumes the shipping cost

Note that the paintings are not framed and are originals

For all questions about her Art please contact us at;

Sun City, 30 inches x 20 inches, Mixed Media on Terraskin 1200$ CAD

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Saturday night live, 30 inches x 20 inches, Mixed Media on Terraskin, 1200$ CAD

copyrights L'OR

Awakening, 30 inches x 20 inches,Mixed Media on Terraskin, 1200$ CAD

copyrights L'OR

Le capteur de rêves, 18 inches x 24 inches, mixed media on watercolor paper, 1200$ CAD

copyrights L'OR

Le jardin secret, 24 inches x 18 inches, mixed media on watercolor paper, 1200$ CAD

copyrights L'OR

The studio, 20 inches x 25 inches, Mixed media on Terraskin, 1500$ CAD

copyrights L'OR

Le jardin public,20 inches x 25 inches, Mixed media on Terraskin, 1500$ CAD

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